The Paper Bag Princesses
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The Paper Bag Princesses

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The Paper Bag Princesses is not a once upon a time fairy tale; it is not about being royal; it is not about waiting for a prince to charm; it is not about being rescued from a castle’s tower; and, there are no magic wands. No, this is a delightful and adorable profile of five ordinary seven year old girls—Alice, Cynder, Meri, Cheer and Snowe—who are growing up as outsiders because they are not this or that in the eyes of others. 

The girls first meet on a basketball court and soon bond over their differences. Every day, at school, they eat their paper bag lunches together and learn, one day at a time, that everyone has unhappy flaws. Nevertheless, although, these girls are not “traditional” princesses, they are part of a “Royal Court” and each is a princess in her own right.

In the end, Alice, Cynder, Meri, Cheer and Snowe become happily ever after friends for, at least, a moment in time.


Ages 6 - 8 / Hardcover with Printed Case / 8" x 10" / 44 pages 

This book is also available online at Barnes and Noble and at the Kindle Store.

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