At Blue Dandelions, we sincerely wish you well; but, more importantly, our wish is to provide simple product solutions.

So, for health sake, we created the [Health Forward Journal] with an easy fill-in-the-blank journaling format for you to privately record and track the ongoing history of your health care.

Then, we started thinking about greeting cards—in sickness and in health; good times and bad times; and the "just because moments”—and created our Say a Little, Say a Lot felicitations—a plain and simple black-and-white (and some color) alternative to the traditional full color, glittered and adorned greeting card.

Naturally, our obsession with organization and simplification lead to the Inside the Box Labeling System—because if you’re moving, then you’re packing.  Our labels are the perfect big and bold custom labeling solution to help you identify the inside contents of your packed boxes when you move and/or send items to storage.  We make the belongings you pack in boxes simply easier to find after the chaos of moving with our labels.

 And, then, the pure JOY of creative writing evolved to the inclusion of picture books and first chapter books for children ages 3 to 11 years old.  And, even a great new folder board game for young children.  Exciting stuff…

Forevermore, we hope 1) our journals will inspire; 2) our greeting cards excite; 3) our labels satisfy a need; and, 4) our children’s books, games, etc. entertain and fulfill a void.

Wishing you well, . . . and THANKING YOU for your support every time you visit Blue Dandelions.