A Boy Named Soo
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A Boy Named Soo

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A BOY NAMED SOO is a delightful story about a little boy named Soo Chu who loved or liked almost everything about school. He loved sliding around the curvy loop slide. He liked finger painting with his hands.He loved milk and cookies at noon. He did not like the daily nap on a mat, repeatedly saying his ABCs, and being teased about his name was not pleasing. To Soo, there was nothing funny about a BOY named Soo. He was not a girl.

At first, Soo “reacts” to the teasing by climbing tall trees, standing on his head, splashing in water puddles, doing karate kicks, and scaring girls with worms to show that he was a 100% rough and tumble boy not a girl. But none of his actions stopped the teasing. So, one day he comes up with a brilliant ‘Plan B’ that leads to a big reveal, surprises, and some cheer.


 Ages 6 - 8 / Paperback / 6” x 9” / 40 pages —

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